Busting Myths about Architectural Visualization

Busting Myths about Architectural Visualization

  • By: Bottom Line Studio
  • Fri Nov 06, 2020
Busting Myths about Architectural Visualization

Even though architectural visualization is not a new industry norm for interior designers and architects, there are quite a few myths that tag along even after being been explained time and again. Photorealistic images and walk-throughs are becoming an essential part of any pipeline, so today we are going to talk about most common myths which leave many people skeptical about whether how is this going to help them. 

#MYTH 1: Architectural visualization is an expensive technology 

This one is the most common myth which we figured out after talking to designers. But on the contrary, when we compare the 3D rendering to conventional methods, we find it more affordable since it is completely computer generated and can be altered easily. It’s a low-cost investment which doesn’t involve building physical model or sets, having a trial for furniture and other accessories. Unlike traditional methods like photography where you cannot make any changes to the photographs once you wind up the shoot, we have ample chance in rendering to go back and make any addition or alteration very continently which not only saves money but also the hassle of re-organizing everything all over again. With new technology and their ease-of-use, any artist can make those changes without the extra cost being involved and within in no time. Another major cost-effective technique is with architectural visualization we can easily develop an aerial view for any project without involves hefty cost and 

tremendous resources involved in aerial photography. Aerial renders cost as much as all other renders using Google maps for accuracy, which is very budget-friendly and helps us to visualize the upcoming property in a real environment or even for location. 

#MYTH 2: Architectural visualization is a time consuming process 

This myth suggests that visualization takes a lot of time for designers to generate renderings. However, as 3D artists are switching to engine based rendering and we have more powerful computer graphics than ever before, it takes considerably less time than all other methods. It is totally dependent on the scale of the project that how quickly we can develop the renders, the larger project needs more detailing and might need time accordingly which stands valid for revisions as well. While in the case of physical models and sketches it is time-consuming to accommodate even the slightest revision, we have to re-arrange everything and go back and forth with the approvals which affect the sales. Whereas, in the case of computer-generated renders we can make slight changes without a redo or affecting the rest of the approved areas.

#MYTH 3: Architectural visualization does not look real 

Another myth we come across is rendering doesn’t look as real as actual pictures. We are glad to bust this myth, technology has come long way since we started having a graphical representation of designs and now we are able to develop renders so photo-realistic that it becomes difficult to tell it apart from a real photograph. With real-time rendering in place, we are able to troubleshoot the hurdle of renders not looking real, with great ease and little the training we can now create convincingly realistic renders for not only architecture but also for landscape, automobile, and other consumer goods. 

#MYTH 4: Outsourcing architectural visualization involves risk 

Architects and designers, who are new to outsourcing, are often skeptical that is their project safe in the hands of 3D artist they hired? Or the designer they are hiring is relevant for the job? And sometimes even weather their design will be discussed with some other organization. We can negotiate through this with great ease with all those social media platforms in place now, all we have to do it find a legit freelancer or organization to outsource your work. We can check their portfolio for the quality of work, look out for recommendations from their past clients, and go through reviews which their clients leave on their social media or you can even have a quick discussion with them. Interviewing a designer can bring you on the same platform and allow you to understand how you can enhance your partnership. When it comes to financial risk you could always have a breakdown of the payment according to the milestones in the project and that is how you cannot end up paying upfront. 

#MYTH 5: Architectural visualization is only for big project 

This myth is often tagged along with some other myths explained above, it is assumed that 3D rendering involves too much time, effort, and expenses that they make sense only for the big projects. Well, the truth about this one is with virtual reality we can minimize all that dramatically. Not just we can reduce cost and investment but also we can now automate the change in renders very easily if we have any change in the CAD. It means the same for small assignments as it is for the bigger ones, we can always have a quick review of our designs by developing 3D rendering for smaller projects to minimize the risk of disappointment in the final product as it cost very low and with some of the applications we can easily do that even without extensive training. This is especially important in cases where designs are anticipated to change frequently. 


We hired Pinki for a couple of high end renders for a large Interior project. She is very responsive and works quickly for very reasonable pricing! As I am a designer myself, I gave a lot of input & feedback for the work as I wanted the renders to come out in a very specific way. So the renders were improving each step! And I did some final photoshopping touches to match the colour scheme I had in mind, as Pinki shared the open psd files of the renders."

Jorien K.

"I asked Pinki to make some fully rendered 3D visualizations for a project that I was working on. She did a great job, very swiftly. Highly recommend!"

Hugo T.

The excellent ability to understand and interpret the project has allowed her to create a fantastic bird's eye view that has been able not only to enhance the Russian district master plan my Milan company, ALBERTO FRANCINI Architecture & Urban Planning, is developing but also able to highlight the character of the existing territory. A strong original 3D render which meets the high level of the international standards. Pinki is very professional and respected the deadline required."

Alberto F. | Architect

"I cooperated with her for a great project in Italy. She was really kind, professional, fast and the result it was amazing. I can only suggest to cooperate with her if you want a great 3d job. It will be a pleasure for me cooperate again in the future. "

Lucio C.

"I really recommend this Company, are very professional and they are doing a very good job. Super happy with them!"

Laura A. | TALLER DESIGN - Founder

"I have used Pinki for renderings on 3 of my projects over the last year. Pinki and her team have provided us with invaluable service and their attention to instruction is commendable. They have speed, quality and excellent service. We engage their services at all stages of design. From conceptualization to final construction - the renderings play a big role in our process. It is a joy to work with Pinki and we look forward to plenty more projects in the future. "

Mark K. | Managing Partner - 2Ki Architects

"We hired Pinki and Bottomline studios to create series of architectural lighting renderings, with our products set in a variety of hospitality, healthcare and retail settings. The renderings turned out very good, while Pinki was very responsive with very fast turnaround times for everything we asked. We will definitely engage them again for future work and can certainly recommend them for others."

Brad K. | VP of Product Development and Innovation at Cima

"Quite happy with the efforts which Pinki and her team put in to deliver renders as per our requirements. We are planning on renovating our house and were keen to explore and visualise all the options, the team produced perfect renders which has helped us to narrow down our choices and also use those renders to explain the builders what is required. Communication was spontaneous and project turnaround was quick. "

Anshu S. | Financial Services

"I have been using Pinki for several projects were she has done 3D renderings for my Interior projects. She is fast and relaible and Im very satisfied with the result of her work. I highly recommend her! "

Sandra K. | Design Head

"It was great experience working with Pinki. I must appreciate the fact that she is very thorough in her work with every minute details precisely highlighted in the render work. On top of it the render quality is simply unbelievable, post completion of work there was merely any difference in the 3D render and final finish achieved, which shows the hard work, sheer dedication and commitment put in her work. She is gem of a person and you can completely rely on her after assigning project. I would like to wish her all the best for future assignments and looking forward to associate with her in future as well. "

Krishna M. | Design Head

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