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Contact BottomLine to discuss your requirements, the total count of images or the length of the videos you require, great but not mandatory to fill in a brief form at:

  • Animation Brief
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And then our expert professionals will guide and advise you in a proficient, and quick manner to evaluate and resolve all the issues that may occur, and develop a budget in a shorter time-span. If you find our proposal interesting then we will be ready to begin.. In order to contact us you can call us @ (+91) 9873063474 or can send us an email at

You can discuss any information and any imagination you have in your mind. It would be great if you have lighting or landscape plans, 3D files & finishes. Even if you have a hand-drawn rough sketch or hand-drawn floor plans that are also good. We are comfortable with everything and have the capability to go beyond the expectations. But the more information we will get by your side the better we will be able to understand.

Trust & Copyright

We mainly work with the virtual modules and all communication related to the specific project takes place online including file exchange, briefing, project management, previews & delivery. All these operations can be easily carried out virtually irrespective of the location. 

We ensure to establish the best communication channel with you online. So without any further second thought you can contact us now!

We at BottomLine Studio strictly follow non-disclosure norms and where necessary we are also ready to sign an agreement of nondisclosure. We take the utmost precautions to guarantee the security of the information or security of the data, or security of the information shared by you.

We serve customers all around the globe without having any trouble to work distantly with them. With an experience of the last 12 years, we have found it quite comfortable and have executed various kinds of projects successfully by working in this technique. Given that we will stay in touch with you all through the undertaking, by means of messages, Skype, web conferences, emails, files exchange, and so forth you will feel like we are working just close to you.

To secure our customers' privilege of protection and comply with the consented to non-revelation agreement with theirs, and furthermore to ensure BottomLine business data to keep away from any deliberate fishing, in the greater part of cases, we can't give any references. Yet, all that we will see and are eager to share customer references just if you can cause us to trust you are genuinely searching for the most trusted and talented company.

As a succeeding architectural rendering and visualization company with 12 years experience, We normally works with an assortment of venture- exterior and interior, business and private, single structure and perfect planning… and so on This implies customers can request that for a few references which we have done before for customer's specific kinds of projects for ensuring that we are the right choice for your needs.

This is an incredible query. We get it as a query with pretty much every new customer. We have organized our authorizing strategy to be as simple as could reasonably be expected. BottomLine possesses the render, yet the picture is authorized to the customer upon payment in full. The customer may utilize the picture anyway the individual sees fit. There are no extra expenses to change the picture. We possibly inquire as to whether the picture is distributed some place outside of your site or future promoting materials. This has never been a problem, yet we don't permit our pictures to be offered to stock photography websites, as istockphoto or shutterstock.

Following 12 years of involvement with the creation of 3D illustrations projects, we have built up a coordinated and productive work strategy that is completely tried, causing the client to be involved in all phases of development. We make the 3D calculation of the undertaking for your endorsement, at that point apply the surfaces and materials and hang tight for customer affirmation, and, at long last, enlighten the scene giving it greatest authenticity with photographic quality for definite endorsement. The customer takes an interest in all the processes to eliminate any problem or errors with the eventual outcome. 

Online feedback plays a vital role for creating a good image, and it's a fundamental portion of any task, permitting to ease correspondence, accelerate the process and diminish the measure of amendments. It will presumably be awkward from the start, yet benefits like CGI can spare advancement and right away make amendments. Likewise remember to inquire as to whether corrections are included in the total cost.

There is a lot of high-tech softwares available in the market for 3D Rendering, the most generally utilized one in house to resemble 3D Max for Rendering, Lumion or After Effects for the purpose of animation, Adobe Photoshop, and UE4 for Virtual Reality. Ensure to have the most recent versions – that would demonstrate that we 3D Artists continually learn and sharpen our aptitudes, using new innovations for project visualization.

Generally, most tasks are introduced to you in five stages. 

1- Displaying drafts to affirm the model and view point, at that point and model amendments. 

2- Delivering drafts in low resolution to affirm general feel, material, lighting, shading, and scene.

3- Final drafts for development and detail elaboration, at that point acknowledgment of definite pictures. 

4- Finally providing the high-resolution pictures without the logo of BottomLine 

5- So as to serve our customers better later on, we generally think back to the entire task when it's shut, BottomLine will give customers' a venture outline and review after conveyance in seven days. 

A realistic clarification by explaining the things using graphs for you to effectively comprehend the process and workflow.

We can accept almost all kinds of files such as .3DM, .3DS, .MAX, .SKP, .STL, .DWG, . FBX, .OBJ, . DAE, and .RVT.

Totally! That is the primary concern of our main goal. We care about speaking to your vision and plans as precisely as could be expected under the circumstances. Most ventures are introduced to you in four stages: 

1- Model stage – to be sure we make the right architecture model and to check that cameras are there where you need them.

2- Render stage – all lighting and complete set up. 

3- Elaboration – the entirety of your redlined amendments executed 

4- Creation – the final file of high-resolution 

Ordinarily, we find that once customers see their drafts they will need to make jumped corrections past the current stage, accordingly we will remind them simply center around what we should focus on. What's more, obviously we are glad to do a couple of rounds of updates during the procedure, modifications sensibly speaking are now remembered for the entirety of our assessments and it will be a lot of high productivity if the customer can answer in an opportune way.

No concerns. We comprehend that things change and we are available to oblige those changes. Continuously recall that corrections sensibly speaking are included in our services. Contingent upon where we are in the rendering work and how broad the progressions are, it will be possibly charged dependent on the work if necessary. 

Usually, over 80% of our customers furnish us with a 3D model in different structures like Rhino, Revit, skp, and so forth… However, because of the application similarity issues, all the 3D files can't be utilized straightforwardly, as they need additional tuning or once in a while are needed to modify changing over into the 3dMax, so to ensure the model is accessible for rendering. We can offer a comparable rebate for a situation where we can utilize the model to be delivered by you straightforwardly. If that 3D model meets the conditions, particularly the No. 1 condition, we can exclude the expense for the accessible 3D Max.

The project manager will deal with you throughout the project and solve all your queries and issues by coordinating in between BottomLine rendering team and architects.

All the official communication requires to be done by means of email, through text like WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat, Line, and so forth, others like calling can be made through Skype, online gatherings should be possible with the assistance of Skype, Webex, GoToMeeting, Zoom, and Bluejeans.

BottomLine consistently advocates a sound condition of work, we show regard to customers' working propensity. Except if an exceptional circumstance is unavoidable, as inadequate creation time for a hard cutoff time, we'd prefer to speak with customers at the time period when they feel great. Our working time is from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m Beijing time, and we likewise acknowledge to stay at work past 40 hours as per the status of ventures. In this way, we don't propose your remark at 12 PM either.

You → BottomLine 

For any document/file that has a little size of 10Mb or less, you can send it as an attachment in email. Else you can utilize outsider applications like Wetransfer, Dropbox, or your FTP through which sharing of enormous files is conceivable. 

BottomLine → You 

We regularly use a third party application such as Jianguoyun (a cloud drive) for file transfer. The connection will be given to you, through which you can without much of a stretch access and rapidly download the documents straightforwardly. Wetransfer and Dropbox could likewise be utilized according to the customer's suitability.

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