Bottomline studios is a top-ranked architectural visualization company known for its affordable, high-resolution architectural rendering services. Because of our exceptional and unrivaled 3D architectural visualization services, we normally have a tight schedule. The general time required to create 2-3 images is about 5 to 7 days and 2-3 weeks for a high-quality 1-minute video.
Like we owe to the responsibilities of a 3D rendering firm, the clients are also expected to follow the same. The most important is the time limit. The clients should inform the deadline at the beginning of the work. They are also obliged to get the following for the work to get started.
  • Architectural drawing of the project
  • Architectural 3D model if they are accessible
  • Selection criteria of materials and furniture
  • Contextual information (get photos of the location or Google map links)
3d animation services rendered by Bottomline Studio comprises 3 standard resolution options which are 720p, 1080p and 4K, among which 1080p is the recommended one. Apart from this, customized resolutions are offered for special sizes screens like a ring screen. It is important to let us know about your choice of resolution before the beginning of the work.


Being a prominent architectural rendering company, Bottomline Studio is genuinely passionate about 3D architectural rendering services.
The first step of our top-notch services is the composition of brief, which is the detailed list of technical as well as creative tasks regarding the project we are contracting. A better agreement on the scope and responsibilities of the work will ensure transparency. The brief of your project is grounded on surveys with typical questions. Based on the details provided in the brief, it would be easier for us to render what you exactly required on time and keep your expectations.